Guess what???

By Julie I am so thrilled to announce, no we aren’t expecting, that the launch for our children’s section is happening next Saturday!  So it kind of is like our baby of six… Continue reading

Domestic Diva!

By Julie A. Last night I went to a monthly homemakers club! It is hosted by a talented woman who is a mother of three grown men, a wife, and of course an… Continue reading

Superbowl #blackout…NOLA Proud!

by Robbie @NOLABabyBump Superbowl Rocked in NOLA…Blackout had no effect on the ratings in fact in blew up social media the End. Checkout this pictorial of the Night that brought New Orleans back… Continue reading

Throw Me Something Mister, but do it gently!

By Julie @JuJuNOLAbump There is so much going on in our city (New Orleans) this month! In less than a week begins the Superbowl’s NFL experience. That’s just a jump start before the… Continue reading