Here We Go…AGAIN!

By Julie

Robbie and I have been trying to get pregnant again for a few months. I’ve heard and thought that once you had a baby it was a lot easier to get pregnant the second time around.  So I went to my OBGYN to see what is going on “down there” and sure enough the ultrasound showed that… IT’S BACKKKK! My endometriosis, polyps, cysts you name it has replanted itself on my female reproduction organs.  I guess they feel welcomed (sarcasm).  So I scheduled the surgery!  This really has been one of my tougher weeks.  I went in Wednesday to have the same surgery I had almost three years ago: laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and a d and c. I have been having really bad anxiety about this day because of what happened last time.  I was out of work for two months, pretty much bed ridden with a catheter because the surgeon had “popped” my bladder.  Not to mention I felt like death coming out of the anesthesia.  And this time I have a sixteen month at home to take care of.  So Wednesday morning sitting in the hospital room wearing only a gown I felt frozen.  Not because of the temperature, but because my body was in a constant tension (my jaw and body are so sore from clenching).  I prayed the entire time for God to give me strength to get through this one step at a time because my mind was running a hundred miles an hour with fears.   Trust me, God gave me the ability to go through with this because I really felt like telling the nurses I was ready to call it quits and just go home!  But Robbie and I would really love to have another baby, and like last time I had to have this surgery in order for my body to allow me to be a mommy.  I hope this inspires other women out there that are trying to get pregnant.  It isn’t easy for everyone.   And I am sorry if it has taken you years or even months because I know every false pregnancy test is a huge downer.  The positive note is that this surgery went very smoothly! I was up and walking (slowly) the next day! Much different than the last! The hardest part is Jameson is teething his canines and he gets every symptom known: fever, diarrhea (sorry if that’s TMI), runny nose etc.  And all he wants is mommy.  Of course I am trying my best to comfort him but it is so hard not being 100% ME.  I have to say I couldn’t have gone through this without my awesome husband, family and friends who helped out and brought us meals.  A big THANK YOU to them!  Let’s hope we have good news in a few months to share with you guys!


I’m thinking I’m going to be a pretty AMAZING big brother!