The Art of Belly Casting

By Our Guest Blogger and Belly Casting Specialist

Emily Boyce
There is something mysteriously appealing about pregnant bellies. I know this very well, being 7 months pregnant as I write, and receiving many stares and touches from others! People just seem to be irresistibly drawn to all that a pregnant belly is and represents.

Your belly is a focus and symbol of this intense time of transition in your life. Whether you are loving your pregnancy, hating it, or sitting somewhere in between…whatever size or shape you are, and whatever you think you look like… I believe that every pregnant woman, and their uniquely beautiful, changing form, should be acknowledged, honored and celebrated!
I indulge my appreciation for expectant moms’ tums through my work as a Professional Pregnancy Belly Caster. This work was created as a side-line to my career as a Registered Art Therapist, and evolved from my research and passion for pregnancy-related therapeutic support. I feel very privileged to get to offer special, memorable, and at times profound experiences to expectant women/ couples, and their families.
A pregnancy belly cast allows you to record, in 3D, your very own, unique baby bump. You create a lasting momento to remind and connect you to each pregnancy/ baby, to treasure forever.
My pregnancy belly casting sessions offer women a spa-like experience – time and space to unwind and be pampered. Your comfort and well-being are prioritized throughout, and only materials that are completely safe for both you and your baby/babies are used. You are welcome to come by yourself, or to bring a partner or other companion(s) with you if you wish. People can relax in the gentle hands and skill of an experienced artist and therapist.
The most commonly requested cast is a belly & breasts cast, but there is a growing trend towards belly bowls also. Belly bowls are great for people who might be more modest, or who might see themselves making more practical use of this type of a cast. I plan on doing a belly bowl for myself soon, and placing the baby in the bowl when it’s time for newborn photos!
Following a casting session, I always professionally finish the cast. This typically involves cutting it to the desired shape, reinforcing it, edging it, further strengthening and smoothing or texturizing it, and preparing it for display and/or decoration. People may then choose to leave it as it is, decorate it by themselves, book a guided decorating session with me, or ask me to decorate it for them. I can even go to baby showers for fun group decorating sessions if desired!
For people on a tighter budget, and with courage(!), you may prefer to purchase a DIY belly casting kit from Baby Bump (add link?!)for $….. If it does not turn out quite how you wanted it, or it breaks at some point down the road, I happily now also offer belly cast restoration services.
It truly is a blessing to do this work and I feel honored each time that I’m invited to share in somebody’s pregnancy journey. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information.
Now take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!casting_clipped-updatedMy 6mths cast