Domestic Diva!

By Julie A.


Last night I went to a monthly homemakers club! It is hosted by a talented woman who is a mother of three grown men, a wife, and of course an all around homemaker.  There were about a dozen women my age there.  Some married and some moms, but I think what we all have in common is the desire to be a tad bit more domestic.  Every meeting she has thought of a creative project for us to do and last night we sewed a pillow case together using different fabrics to create a quilted look.  Now let me tell you this was my first time ever touching a sewing machine! I was really excited because I started thinking about all the things I was going to make…Jameson’s pajamas, curtains, man the list was endless in my head! That was until I started sewing and I couldn’t stay on a straight line.  Sew a side and rip it.  Sew a side and rip it.  After many times of sewing and ripping I finally got the hand of it on the last home stretch seem! The pillow case turned out so cute and I felt accomplished and very proud to have made something!  Here it is tell me what you think!