Throw Me Something Mister, but do it gently!

By Julie @JuJuNOLAbump

There is so much going on in our city (New Orleans) this month!

Super Bowl FootballSuperbowl-nfl-experience

In less than a week begins the Superbowl’s NFL experience.

That’s just a jump start before the mad crowds rush in for the big Superbowl 47 game and our infamous Mardi Gras season.  I am so excited to participate in all the upcoming events!

SB New OrleansMardi Gras 2013

However, this year is going to be very different than the previous parade seasons.  This year we will be trading in the rolling ice chest for a rolling ladder, marking our spot a little later than usual, and worrying about drunkards humming beads at my baby’s face.

Mardi Gras Ladder

I know he’s going to love all the lights, music, and excitement  but most of all he’s going to love the “nays” (horses).  He has eaten king cake only once but he can spot a box from a mile away.

King Cake

He will be sporting the traditional purple, green, and gold polo.

Mardi Gras Polo

Dada will teach him how to raise his hands high and catch throws, eat a moon pie(or two),

and embrace the culture of New Orleans!