Don’t be afraid to Make a Statement

By: Hannah Rose Marie

So it’s been a little over a week since we attended the Atlanta Market (and my first market at that). Let me just tell you, market is any stylist’s dream- but oh boy can it be overwhelming, in the best way possible 🙂 The building is 13 stories and every square inch of the place is PACKED with clothes, shoes, jewelry,  and accessories — literally everything you can imagine. It was such a great learning experience, and so neat to see all of the upcoming Spring 2013 color trends, styles, and what everyone will go ba-nan-as over once each piece hits a store.

Let me just tell you all about this one place where we found the most AHMAYZZZING jewelry for you all 🙂 Imagine Forever XXI on steroids, x 100. When I walked in, I think I literally just froze. There is ceiling to floor jewelry- every style of pearls, statement necklaces, earrings, rings and the list goes on and on… but admist all the jewelry screaming at you, “buy me buy me!” Julie and I snagged some GREAT pieces we really think you all will LOVE. ESP statement necklaces– which are ALL the craze!

When it comes to wearing statement jewelry,  let that piece be the focal point of your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing  a bold necklace, you will want to refrain from wearing a bracelet or earrings that will compete for the eye’s attention. If you are wearing a colored top or bottom, what I like to do is wear a piece of jewelry that is its color compliment, or if the clothing item has multiple colors, wear a necklace that brings out the color that is the least on the garment- it will really make those specific colors pop!

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