Hubig’s Pie Factory Burns Down but will REBUILD!


Today around 4:00am-4:30am Our legendary local Hubig’s Pie Factory burned down 😦

For our Readers who do not know what a Hubig’s Pie is…I pulled this from Wikipedia Hubig’s New Orleans Style Pies are a brand of fruit and sweet-filled fried pies produced by the Simon Hubig Pie Company in New Orleans,Louisiana.

We are very sad about this tragic event that has happened to our fave local pie company.  NOLA is such a tight knit community and we will all together help this company and it’s employees rebuild #SaveThePies

I ran out early to buy some of the last Hubig’s Pies to be sold on the market, and man was there a crowd! Fortunately, I got my hands on the Lemon filled pies ❤ . I wanted Baby Jameson to have his first pie and why not today to show our support!