Three Myths about Pregnancy and Motherhood That You Might Still Believe

By Katy Monnot @birdonthestreet

  1. You’re going to feel awesome your second trimester. I have no idea who started this horrible rumor and why it has persisted for so long. Here’s the thing about second trimester—you’re still pregnant. You still have a teeny, tiny human being sucking away all the best nutrients your body has to offer. You will be a little less tired, but you’ll still want to take lots of naps. You probably won’t want to puke so much, but there’s no guarantee of that if your husband decides to open up a jar of industrial-sized pickles. There is some relief, but don’t be fooled into thinking you’re going to run outside and mow the lawn and deep clean your kitchen—you’ll still prefer naps, Netflix, and chocolate until after you’re finished with this adventure.
  2. Your water breaking is like someone throwing a bucket of water on the floor. Truthfully, less than 15% of women will have their water break before they go into active labor, so for most, it happens in a hospital or some other type of birthing center. Still, some people’s water breaks and then labor starts. Either way, it’s not at all like they show you on TV. My water broke during my second pregnancy and it took me half-a-frickin’ hour to figure out that it was, in fact, my water. I was sleeping when it happened, so my first thought was that I had peed on myself. Sexy, I know. I ran to the bathroom, the “water” dripped into the toilet, and THEN I started thinking that maybe it was amniotic fluid. I stared at it for a while—as if clues would magically appear in the toilet—but they didn’t. I sniffed my underwear for some tell-tale sweet smell you read about Online. Nothing. I woke up my husband and had him stare at the toilet. (Note: waking your husband at 2 AM to peer into the toilet and/or sniff your dirty underwear will not be met with enthusiasm). Finally we gave up and I went into Labor and Delivery to get checked. Turns out. . . my water had broken!
  3. You’re going to love every moment with your baby. You will run into people from time to time who tell you to relish every moment. These people might even be your relatives. They suffer from Misty Water-Colored Memory Syndrome (MWCMS).  The passage of time has made them completely forget reality. You will not enjoy every moment and if you do, please let me know what you are taking because I’d like some for myself. When your baby starts screaming and nothing you do fixes it? Not enjoyable. When he poops through everything he’s wearing plus whatever you’re wearing? Not one for the memory books. Nipples so chapped they bleed? I think you see where I’m going with this. There are a ton of wonderful, fabulous baby moments, and watching my oldest grow into real-life person is one of the absolute coolest things I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing. That doesn’t mean that I love every minute. I don’t, and that’s OK. I love my kids to the moon and back and that’s far more important than being ashamed that I don’t love trying to get out of the supermarket without anyone noticing that I’ve got prunes smeared in my hair and a touch of spit up on my shoulder. Don’t relish these moments, get through them and relish the good stuff. (Nap time is among the good stuff!)

Pregnancy and motherhood are unique experiences and different for everyone. These are just my unsolicited thoughts on what was surprising about the whole thing—even after reading that dang Jenny McCarthy book.

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