CeleMAYtion: Dressing for Pictures

BY LEANNE @LovelyLadyBump

celeMAYtionWe are now 7 days into June and I still feel like I’m recovering from May, which is a highly anticipated month in my household.  With 4 birthdays in our immediate family, mine and my husband’s anniversary and Mother’s Day, it seems as though we’re constantly toasting or blowing out candles.  My kids and I are now professional fire-putter-outers and my sons are obsessed with saying, “Cheers!” whenever they have a cup in their hands.  I’m really not complaining at all about this.  Cake and champagne are two of my favorite food groups, and I’m quite sure I’ve gained a few pounds this past month because I can’t resist the two.  I also can’t resist the opportunity to buy something new to wear for a special occasion, but in May, a new outfit for each event could get pretty expensive.  I’ve become very skilled at rearranging my wardrobe to create unique outfits for each event.  I can’t be caught in pictures on two separate occasions wearing the same thing.  It just can’t be!

I wanted to put together a few outfits for you that can be mixed and matched to create a new look in case you have several events within a few weeks like me.

Never underestimate the power of accessories!

This navy shift dress can become two totally different looks by exchanging a belt for a scarf.  Try it both ways and get two dresses in one!

Maternity Shift Dress (Navy) with accessories

Two Tops, One Bottom

Buy one bottom and two tops and rock your bump by mixing and matching the two!

Maternity Mix and Match

Maternity Mix and Match

The Versatile Dress

This dress can become a skirt in minutes.  Pull the elastic piece over your bump, pair it with a plain white tee, and you’re set!

The Versatile Maternity Dress to Skirt

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