Stroller Yoga

By Addy Meisenheimer

I am a nanny, a birth doula, a yoga instructor, and an aspiring midwife. I love babies. I love to get to know each and every one’s little personality differences. This one particular baby, whose feet and chubby legs are displayed in the photos, LOVES to take a nap in her stroller. She also likes the stroller to be moving till she falls asleep…so I created this easy little series of poses so I could stretch while she sleeps. Some of the poses can be done by using the stroller as a tool to help you balance, stretch deeper, OR continue holding onto the handle while you gently rock the baby back to sleep. Also recommended for stretches in the park after a nice long walk or jog! Try to remain in every pose for 3 breaths to 1 minute…or whatever feels comfortable for you. Repeat pose on each side.  If you’ve just had a baby…wait for the green light from midwife or doctor to practice. Click Here to see my pictorial of all the different Stroller Yoga poses.

Addy Meisenheimer is a certified advanced yoga instructor specializing in prenatal and mom and baby yoga classes. In addition she is a doula and babysitter. Addy received her training as a doula through DONA and has been attending births since February of 2009. Her fascination with birth came at a very young age, as her mother practiced midwifery. She views the birth of a child as a transformation for the woman, her partner, other members of the family, and for the community as a whole.

Addy believes that there is no joy greater than witnessing and being of service to a woman in this very special time in her life.