Trending for Maternity: The Belly Cast

BY LEANNE @LovelyLadyBump

This is actually the second time we’ve done a post about belly casting because it has become such a huge trend in the past year or so.  Many women are choosing to create a lasting memory of their pregnant shape in the form of plaster and paint.  It sounds very spa-like to me.  Though I haven’t yet cast my own pregnant belly, after seeing some of these beautiful and fun art pieces, I may consider it next time around.

I’ve surfed the web to find some really cool ideas for decorating your belly cast.  Baby Bump Maternity also sells the Proud Body Belly Cast Kit.  Stop by our call to order 504.304.2737.

Fun Nursery Rhyme in Belly Cast

Fun Nursery Rhyme in Belly Cast
-for baby’s room

Pregnant Belly Art - Monkey

Precious for baby’s room

Art Piece for Mom - Belly Cast

Belly Cast Art Piece for Mom

Proud Body Belly Cast Kit

Proud Body Belly Cast Kit

Thanks so much to @hipmamasociety for sharing our post yesterday!