These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…

By Julie Allen @JuJuNOLAbump

My dear friend is expecting her first and she doesn’t know where to begin on registering.  As a first time parent the thought of registering can be very overwhelming.  There are thousands of items to choose from.  Which ones are you really going to use? And which ones have the best ratings?  Wow, I am getting flashbacks of going to Babies R Us for the first time…ugh! While waiting to get assistance on how to register I read through the “must have registry check list” (which was entirely way too much stuff and impractical).  I mean who needs 6 fitted crib sheets?  So I composed a list of my “must haves” for her and I wanted to share this with y’all as well.   Any moms who have been there, done this, please feel free to comment on what your “must haves” are and what you could/ couldn’t live without.

  1.  Pack and Play:  Everyone has a difference of opinion of where an infant should sleep but this worked out perfect for us.  It is a pack and play with a changing table as well as a bassinet that comes in and out.  Because I was nursing and an infant eats every two hours at night, the bassinet went in between Robbie and I.  The pack and play stayed in our room next to our bed so I or Robbie would get up in the middle of the night to change his diapers.
  2. Aden and Anais swaddling blankets at least a pack of four
  3. Mylicon drops (gas medicine) AKA a lifesaver
  4. Bathtub with plug.  This tub is perfect for newborn (of course after the baby looses the umbilical chord) because it has a soft netting to lay the baby on.  Jameson is six months old and he is now sitting in the tub.  We are getting lots of use out of this tub.
  5. Swing that rocks back and forth as well as  side to side.  Jameson would nap in this for hours when he could fit in it.  It plays music and also has a really cute mobile.
  6. Boppy pad liners: these make dealing with accidents easier. With an absorbent soft cloth front and a practical waterproof back, your changing pad cover stays clean and protected through many uses. The set comes with three liners, so that you always have one available when you are washing the soiled one.
  7. Bumbo seat with tray: Jameson starting using the Bumbo seat pretty early on at like two months and we are continuing to use it. We put it on our kitchen table when he first started using it and he would watch us eat. I think that is why he had such an interest in food (or he just naturally takes after his momma).  We would also take the bumbo seat with us everywhere: Baby Bump Maternity (work), restaraunts, friends houses, vacations! 
  8. Nose Aspirator and Saline spray: Honestly the best nose aspirator is the one you get from the hospital.  Take it! And don’t loose it because there is no other like it! I’ve been hearing and reading alot about the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator but I am hesitant to try it because ummm… you basically suck their bugars out! It is suppose to be the best on the market.
  9. Sophie:  What is it about this really expensive giraffe squeeky dog toy?  She isn’t the new kid on the block.  Sophie has been around for 50 years. Every baby has one and they LOVE her!  At three months old, your baby’s eyesight is limited and can only make out high-contrast objects. Sophie’s dark spots on her light skin will grab your baby’s attention and provide visual stimulation.  She is easy to grip and bite on when teething. 
  10. Orbit Stroller and Car Seat:  Ok I went there.  This stroller is on the higher end but I can’t pledge my love for it enough!  My favorite feature is … well there are a few… but I LOVE the Paparazzi Shield.  When Jameson is sleeping, at the doctors office waiting around sick kiddos, or if the sun is in his eyes I just pull down the Paparazzi Shield to cover him up.  But the most unique feature of the orbit is that you can dock and rotate your baby, 360 degrees on the stroller, and ergonomically into the car.