My Official Claim On NOLA

Dancing at Jazz Fest 2012BY LEANNE @LovelyLadyBump

So in case you didn’t know, I wasn’t born and raised here in New Orleans.  This is actually the second time since I met my husband (a native) that I’ve lived in the city, and I’ve been a life-long visitor and now permanent resident.  Since I bought a home here, worked in several local businesses (my favorite on Magazine), had a child at Touro and enlisted myself as a do-or-die Saints fan, I felt that I had truly embraced my new culture and had upgraded my citizenship as a New Orleanian.  Until this past weekend, I had no clue that there was just one more thing left to do before I could make my official claim on NOLA — Jazz Fest!

After my crazy week, I was very lucky to score an invite last Saturday and even luckier to find two great babysitters and family taxi-service to and from the festival.  Without going into too much detail, I heard a lot of music, including African dance, jazz, zydeco, Anders Osborne and the Eagles.  I sweated more than I could have ever imagined.  I ate some amazing Cajun delicacies (boudin balls were my fave), and I seriously danced until I could not feel my feet or legs anymore.  Of course, this is what everyone does while festin’, but not everyone does it like we did.  My favorite quote of the day came from my friend Philip, “I may be sweaty and stinky at the end of the day, but at least I’ll still look classy.”  This was totally my philosophy, and here’s how I did it…

The Bohemian Festival Look

Upon my invitation, I quickly pulled together an embroidered skirt and cotton tank for an easy and very breezy Bohemian look.  It’s an appropriate music festival style and didn’t require too much fuss.  The skirt was the perfect length so it didn’t show too much while twirling, but offered a nice ventilation for my dancing legs.  Below are a few Bohemian Maternity options.

White Bohemian Dress at Baby Bump Maternity
Olian Maternity Bohemian Look at Baby Bump Maternity

Sasquatch Feet

A dance floor of hay tends to have several unique qualities: it has a very original scent when mixed with the sweat of jazz festers, it offers a cushy support for dancing feet, and it sticks like glue to any exposed skin.  After a few hours at Fais Do Do, the Zydeco tent, the hay on our feet looked like a thick coating of hair and were appropriately dubbed “Sasquatch Feet.”  I had purposely worn a pair of canvas shoes that I knew could be washed and wouldn’t show too much dirt just in case of a dirty dance floor.  Not only were they perfect for masking the mess, my Big Buddha slip-ons were extremely comfortable –not a single blister after 8 hours of dancing and walking.  That’s something to be proud of!

I highly recommend this shoe for pregnant women.  It’s supportive, flexible (in case you swell) and has a sturdy padded sole.

Big Buddha So Comfortable

Fais Do Do Stage at Jazz Fest 2012

My favorite spot at Jazz Fest 2012, the Fais Do Do stage!

Skin Protection with Style

I never get in the sun for a prolonged period without an ample amount of sunscreen, but I do like to add extra protection for my face.  For a Jazz Fest outing, a hat is the way to go, especially when that day falls on both the Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo!  I have a very simple straw Fedora that goes with almost everything and is quite airy.  To give it my own style, I added a flower pin to the side and it turned out “very Leanne.”  By the end of the day when my hair would have normally been an absolute mess from all of the dancing and sweating, I looked more put together with the hat.  This piece is a festival must-have from now on.

Leanne's Jazz Fest Hat

The Most Interesting Hats at Jazz Fest 2012

By Far the Best Hats (other than mine) that I Saw at Jazz Fest 2012

A Few More Maternity Festival Looks Available at Baby Bump Maternity

Rosie Pope Maternity Festival Look at Baby Bump Maternity

Rosie Pope Maternity White Linen Pants

Cotton Glam Romper Festival Look at Baby Bump Maternity

Cotton Glam Romper

Festival Look at Baby Bump Maternity

Overall, this little break from reality, the Jazz and Heritage Festival gave me even more insight into my city, a city that I adore and grow to love more and more.  Cheers to New Orleans, the greatest city on Earth!