Dressing A Crazy Life

BY LEANNE @LovelyLadyBump

Because I’m quite positive I’m not the only person around who is concerned about her style and leads a crazy life, I wanted to share some of the ways I “keep it together” when it comes to my daily wear.  Just to clarify, “crazy” from my perspective just means a bit abnormal, if normal can ever be defined.  Besides, I am pretty much a drama queen, so EVERYTHING is REALLY CRAZY to me. 😉

My serious obsession with colored denim.

I feel like every woman should have a few pairs of colored denim in her closet.  Think about waking up at 6 a.m. with little to no sleep and burrowing through a mound of clean clothes that haven’t yet been folded.  Mine are usually sitting on my oversized chair in my living room, a chair that is rarely used for sitting, only a pit-stop for clothes on their way to the drawers or just to be worn.  You need something simple that can be paired with almost any tee and won’t show the wrinkles quite as bad as the linen or cotton equivalents.

For me chasing after two kids, cleaning house, running errands and whatever else the day brings calls for something comfortable, fashionable and just plain easy.  Colored denim is the way to go.  They are on trend and incredibly versatile, pregnant or not.  And that’s why I have a serious obsession with colored denim.

A dress a day keeps the heat away!

So the past week has been absolutely bananas (this is the only word I can use passionately without using an expletive – think Gwen StefaniHollaback Girl” lyrics).  Anyway, in this record breaking heat, my 15-month-old unseasonably caught this cold that turned into an emergency room visit last Friday, of course, at midnight.  The next day, again a hot one, my 3 1/2-year-old bulldog had a heat stroke, which was very ugly and very messy!  My husband went out of town the following day and my air condition went out, meaning 24 hours of 85 degrees and a very irritable population at my house.  Needless to say, my style the past few days has been the last thing on my mind, but thankfully the dresses in my closet have kept me cool and looking much better than I feel — like a crazy mommy!

Keeping a few dresses in your wardrobe will definitely help you fight the summer heat and those insane days.

Maternity Maxi Dress in Coral at Baby Bump Maternity

Good dress for a trip to the emergency in case the hospital is cool.

Navy Shift Dress at Baby Bump Maternity

Dress for the doggy heat stroke. Darkly colored so to mask the mess!

Strapless White Summer Dress at Baby Bump Maternity

Perfectly cool and airy dress for an air condition outing or just a plain old heat wave.

My hair tricks.

I’ve never really had the desire to ride in a convertible with the top down, partially because my hair is so fine; it blows all in my eyes and mouth.  That’s just not very fun.  However, I have always craved a reason to wear a light printed head scarf and a convertible ride would definitely be an excuse for that.  It’s so 1940’s Hollywood, an era of serious intrigue to me.  So on the days I make a trip out to the Lakefront with my kiddies or if I ever have the offer to ride with the top down, a head scarf is in order.  It keeps my hair in place and also protects my preciously colored locks from the damaging sun.

Scarves at Baby Bump Maternity

Scarves at Baby Bump Maternity

For those times when a trip to the salon is terribly overdue, I mask the root line with a headband.  My favorite is this little sparkly one that my husband bought me from Banana Republic.  It’s simple, not too tight and gets the job done with style.  If you’re not a headband kind of gal, I’m sure we have the perfect hat for you.  Check out a few below…

My Beloved Hair Accessories

My Beloved Hair Accessories

Hats at Baby Bump Maternity for Spring and Summer

Hats at Baby Bump Maternity for Spring and Summer

Hats at Baby Bump Maternity for Spring and Summer

To wrap things up, I’m sure we all have a crazy life in our own minds or at least a few crazy days.  I think the key is finding a way to live through it all and still look good at the end of the day.

Thank yous:
to everyone who helped me through the past week, mentally and physically;
to Miss Marie, a very beautiful blogger whose link ideas I borrowed for the head scarf segment;
to Jennifer at Milan for “my preciously colored hair”;
to Eddie, formerly of Milan, (WE ALL MISS YOU) for referring me to Jennifer.