Over the Moon for Zoe Moon

by Julie Allen @JuJuNOLABump

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Kristy and Brian, have been waiting almost two years to adopt their sweet baby girl, Zoe Moon, from Ethiopia.  They have a precious family with four wild and silly boys: Micah, Jonah, Nathan, and Lucas but are in dire need to have a wee bit more progesterone in the house.  Heck, even their rabbits are boys! Needless to say Zoe is going to be, and already is, so loved by these boys.  Since the day they found out they were going to have a sister they would ask Kristy when she left the house, “Are you going to Africa to get Zoe?’’.

Now she can finally answer “Yes” to that question because in a few weeks Kristy and Brian are flying for 16 hours and over 8,000 miles away to finally meet, hug, kiss, snuggle and tangibly love on Zoe.  She is four months old and oh so cute!

Not only are we totally excited but so many friends (and even strangers) are ready for Zoe to come home and be with her family.  It is so cool that they can share their adoption journey with hundreds of people http://jeansonneadoption.blogspot.com/  Once a month they celebrate waiting for Zoe Moon by eating ice cream with whomever wants to join in on the fun.  What’s better than ice cream, friends, celebration and a whole lotta love?   If you would like to be part of this amazing story follow their blog, order a t-shirt, and most importantly pray for Zoe and the Jeansonne family.

Lucas, Nathan, Micah, and Jonah

Zoe's tiny fingers and hands

Friends celebrating Zoe Moon day sporting their Zoe Moon t-shirts

Zoe Moon Ice Cream Day (Micah and Jonah) Jonah making a crazy face 🙂