Going to the Fall 2012 Apparel Market with a 5 month old…His 1st Flight!

By Julie

Although I’ve heard now is the best age to travel with an infant, I was very hesitant in believing it to be true.   As first time parents we were very worried how Jameson would react to being 30,000 feet in midair, stuck on row 29 seats A and B for an hour, and to make matters worse he started with a dreadful ear infection a few days before takeoff!  His doctor gave us the okay to pack our bags and fly to Atlanta to see the newest trends for fall fashion.  However, my orders were to breastfeed Jameson on takeoff and landing to help pop his ears and alleviate any pressure.  So we boarded the fully loaded plane and as we were slowing scooting down the narrow aisle Jameson is smiling away and soaking up every bit of attention he is getting.  We sit.  And then I got really excited because this plane has INDIVIDUAL TVs!!!  I’m thinking this is AWESOME….this will entertain Jameson for at least thirty minutes! The excitement lasted only a few seconds. He started getting fussy but I was trying to hold off on breastfeeding him until the plane was in air.  I couldn’t hold off any longer.  Then a few minutes in I look down and he’s asleep.  OH NO! Now I’m thinking should I wake him so he can suck on something for takeoff? No wait, never wake a sleeping baby, right? I kept questioning myself back and forth but Robbie said leave him be.  After about five minutes of rest his eyes popped wide open. The remainder of the flight was awesome.  He watched Dora and snacked on (I love these) Ella’s Kitchen’s butternut squash, carrots, apples, and prunes.  It is a squeezable pouch that Jameson sucks on and also it tastes really yummy.  Normally I make his food but these are great for travel.

At market besides all the excitement of new colors and designs for fall, what I love even better are seeing the friends we’ve made over the past five years (and of course I look forward to the chocolate nachos and beer we indulge in).  I can’t wait to order clothes for fall! We saw a lot of animal print, two toned riding pants, belted tunics and so much more.   I’ll tease you with a few pictures we took at market 🙂

Jameson ready for the Apparel Market

This photo really needs no explanation 🙂

Colors for Fall

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