Prego Pin-It 3


The past few weeks have been filled with guilty pleasure addictions and I just added another.  First of all, I’m totally stoked about NBC’s Fashion Star tonight.  Kara is definitely my favorite.  As for my other obsessions, I’m an Intagram junkie and I can’t keep my fingers away from Draw Something Free!  Both apps are AWESOME and incredibly enticing.  I may need to be checked into iPhone app rehab soon. 😉

So, I’ll be skipping my post this Thursday, not because I’m too involved in my Draw Something game to write, but because I’m heading off to a fun weekend filled with wedding festivities. Please enjoy your week & weekend and don’t forget to repin our pic below (you can use the newly added icon below the post).

Strapless Maxi Dress by Hourglass Lily in Calypso StorkSak Sophia Bag in White