Time to Pin It!


Until recently, I have been avoiding the Pinterest craze for several reasons.  First of all, I spend way too much time at my computer as it is.  Adding another reason to browse didn’t seem like the best idea at the moment. Then, there was the fact that I like to be different.  It seemed everyone was just jumping in head first and becoming an overnight DIY expert.  I like to buy things already done for me; let someone else fuss over it and just enjoy the finished project.  This may sound lazy to some, but it’s just me and how I like to spend my time.  I mean no disrespect to those who have found their inner DIY and, in fact, think it’s very admirable.  Feeling success after completing a project can be very fulfilling.  More power to you, our DIY readers!

So now for my Pinterest story: I broke down a while back and opened a Pinterest account , but in the “interest” of setting my own trends, chose to use it differently than most.  I haven’t been able to stave off the addiction to pinning, but I do feel better that I’m not trying to turn myself into a “do-it-yourselfer” when I know that’s not what I am.  I’m pinning very selectively and choosing not to follow anyone I know or let any of my friends know my screenname.  I’ve made it my more of my personal wish list than a sharing tool, and it works for me.

I have, however, realized what a lucrative tool Pinterest can be for sharing ideas, dreams, successes and more, and I frequently pin from my favorite online spots and from other Pinterest users.  Images spread like wildfire through Pinterest and that itself is AMAZING to me.  I’d love to know how our readers are using Pinterest and if you’ve pinned any pics from our blog.  I’m working on getting a button on our share space very soon and hope that you’ll use your bookmark tool to pin our pics until I get the button posted.  Don’t forget to tag us! You can use our blog address, web address or simply tag it as Baby Bump Maternity.

For your viewing and pinning pleasure, I’ve added a gallery of photos from Spring 2012 Fashion Week in New Orleans.  Check out our beautiful mommy models and Spring lines available at Baby Bump Maternity on Magazine Street.