“Lady G” is not the Devil

By E.V.

Sorry y’all better late than never…..long night watching Grammys and this weather is ridick! Get over it – I don’t need to apologize you love reading my blog. i ❤ y’all

Let me just start off with this picture…

"Nicki's Catholic/Exorcism performance was a work of the devil or at least a Satanic message. "

The Grammys start with a prayer to RIP Whitney Houston and then later on this Wack Rap exorcism performance by Nicki Minaj idolized by Sophia Grace and Rosie from the Ellen Show! BUT! We already had proof this was going on checkout the photo of her doing levitation on Ellen….LoL

Sophia Grace being levitated

Shout Out to Lady Gaga….She may not have won a Grammy but she sure knows how to promote world peace and safe sex on a music stage.  Last night was a New one…. She was promoting SLDTYNW  “Save the Lakes Don’t Throw Your Nets in the Water”

SLDTYNW "Save the Lakes Don't Throw Your Nets in the Water"

Dispose your nets in a trash can not the Lakes SLDTYNW "Save the Lakes Don't Throw Your Nets in the Water"

Best Grammys Ever.



(Sophia Grace was not hurt in the episode of Ellen but I have no idea what happens to the fish in the picture-use your imagination)