Baby’s First Birthday in NOLA – What to do? What to wear?

Birthday Party Planning InviteBY LEANNE

My baby is turning one in a couple of weeks.  It’s unbelievable to me that a year can pass so quickly.  As much as I try to slow things down and enjoy each moment with my children, I woke up the other morning with a swift realization that my baby was 11-months-old and I needed to plan a party.  Though I should hesitate to admit this, he is too frequently eating some kind of cookie.  He’s had a sweet tooth since he was in the womb.  So, we fittingly decided on a Cookie Monster themed birthday–that was the easy part! The venue, the cake, the invitation and the attire (especially for me) have been the more challenging things to plan.  But, I love a good challenge, and I wanted to share my party planning journey with all of you.

The Venue

Storyland in City Park was my first choice, but my procrastination kept us from booking this perfect spot for a young child’s birthday.  My first child’s 1st birthday party was held here.  They offer a themed room with picnic tables, storage and admission to Storyland.

Bounce Spectrum or the Monkey Room are also fun spots, but these were a little too structured for our taste.  I’m not great at sticking to schedules, but both of these options are wonderful for parents without a lot of time to plan a party or who would just rather have some order to the party.  Not to mention, the kids are EXHAUSTED when you leave, which means long naps and downtime for you.

Because I loved the bounce idea so much but wasn’t enthused about having a party in a structured environment, renting a bounce house sounding like the plan.  I found several very reasonable places locally, but fortunately have a very generous family member who decided to purchase one for my boys for virtually the same price as the rental: view below!

The Cake

For my husband, it’s all about the cake!  In his eyes, a good birthday party is not complete without a traditional New Orleans style cake with the almond flavored icing.  I have to admit, it’s the best I’ve ever had.  Swiss Confectionery designed our wedding cakes and you really can’t go wrong there!  The top of our cake still tasted phenomenal after being frozen at our year anniversary.  That says a lot about a cake!   However, my husband (the cake king) has a friend who designs exceptional cakes.  We decided to go with Good Karma Sweets, who for a very reasonable price designs a custom cake with a separate smash cake for the little one.  See the designs she sent us below.

Baby Bump Maternity Cakes


The Invitation

For this birthday extravaganza I went with one of my own designs for the invitation.  I’ll have it printed at RSVP Stationers, a local company.  They also design invitations and offer a wide selection of DIY printable invitations.  I’ve used them many times and have never been disappointed!  Because I don’t want to spoil the invite, I don’t want to post the entire thing, but here is a preview.

Birthday Party Planning Invite

The Attire

After very quickly deciding that baby will wear his “I’m One” Onesie, I started to feel guilty that I spent so much time deciding what I’m going to wear…but I did it anyway! Our friends at Abeille NOLA have fun Spring and transitional dresses coming in regularly, and, of course, Baby Bump has some non-maternity attire and options for the nursing mom.

Flounce Nursing Dress in Cerise

Flounce Nursing Dress in Cerise

Pregnant or not...This Frenzii Maxi dress in Olive is perfect!

Pregnant or not...This Frenzii Maxi dress in Olive is perfect!

Two More Frenzii Maxis for the Occassion!

Two More Frenzii Maxis for the Occassion!