To Hide Your Hoots or Not? That is the question!

By Julie Allen

There is nothing better than Jameson gazing into my eyes while he is nursing.   I love it!  But there is nothing more stressful when you are out to eat and there is no place to privately feed him.  I had this miserable experience when he was a few weeks old and we were still fairly new at this whole nursing thing.  I felt like I needed four hands.  One to hold him, one to hold my colossal boob, and two to hold his strong, squirming arms (how can an infant be that strong? wow!).   I was trying to feed him standing up because I really didn’t want to sit on an open toilet seat…gross!  But after him screaming franticly I gave in and sat on the germ infested porcelain bowl.  It wasn’t easy but we managed.  My knee supported his head, one hand was holding down his arms, and the other hand was helping secrete milk into his mouth. It was a pretty traumatic experience for the both of us.   After that night it was hard for me to regain confidence to go anywhere.  I don’t understand why it’s not mandatory for all public places to have some sort of “nursing area” available.  Can we start a petition?  Oh and to top it off I had to change him on a tiny sink countertop.  Thankfully nursing has gotten a lot easier now that Jameson and I have been practicing for a few months.  I feel like I can nurse anywhere thanks to my Hooter Hider! It is a nursing cover that resembles an apron except it has a wire neckline so I can see him at all times (and it’s pretty cute).  Some mommas don’t mind just whipping it out, but I prefer to be completely covered by the Hooter Hider.   If you plan on nursing and you are wanting to hide your hooters I can’t praise this cover up enough.  Here is a picture of the one I have but they come in many other prints.  And of course I have to throw in a picture of my baby boy!

Nest Hooter Hider

I love that gummy smile 🙂