Oh I can’t believe its been One Month

By Julie

     Days are going by too fast. How can I slow down time? Now I know what parents really mean when they say don’t blink because pretty soon you will be kissing away your baby good bye as he drives away for college.  OK maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but I can’t believe Jameson made one month yesterday.  This all feels surreal.  Like I am living in a dream because there is no way this perfect little baby boy can be mine.

Maybe it is the hour here hour there sleep zombie mode that aids the cloudiness of a dream, but I believe it is more of a heart aching deep love.   While rocking him to sleep and humming the tune of Amazing Grace (that is the song I always sing to him because it reminds me of my Nana) I was thinking how blessed we are to have Jameson.  As this was such a sweet moment I was reminding myself to enjoy this tenderness  as well as the screeching wake up calls, diaper blowouts, and backaches from bouncing him all night because they aren’t going to last.

Yes, I can’t wait for a restful night of sleep but that comes with time, and time means that I will no longer be rocking him in my arms asleep to Amazing Grace.  Let’s try to live in the moment and enjoy each step of the way because when you blink you may just be kissing your baby off to college.