One More Item for Your Hospital Bag LEANNE

In less than a week, my very good friend in St. Louis will be having her second baby boy.  Congrats to the Smith Family!  She will deliver by way of C-section, and it being the second time around, she knows how to prepare better for the big day.  She did ask me for one recommendation, which I gladly gave, and I wanted to offer the same to all of our readers. 

Sometimes labor leads you to an unexpected section (as did my first), but if you do have time to plan for it, you’ll want to pack at least one extra item in your hospital bag. As I recommended to my friend, a pair or two of Czela Bellies CesareanWear™ will keep your section site cushioned and protected against waistbands and any other clothing.  They are specifically designed for women who have had C-sections and will help you feel more comfortable in your clothes after delivery.  Just as important, they come in several colors and stylish patterns.  With their “fun and flirty” designs, you won’t have to feel like you’re wearing your grandmothers undies, but you’ll definitely get the comfort and support you need.

If you do unexpectedly deliver your baby via C-section, you can always send that eager-to-help relative to pick up a pair of Czela Bellies at Baby Bump Maternity.  I’ve posted a few styles below.

Sizing: You want to make sure you get a pair that will fit you most comfortably, and that’s not necessarily your pre-pregnancy size.  Remember, it takes time for your tummy (and sometimes other areas) to return to their pre-baby bump shape.  As you will likely leave the hospital about the size you were at 5-6 months pregnant, pick a size to help you transition to your normal size.

Spicy Moroccan Ultralux Czela Bellies

Solid White Czela Bellies

Whimsical Paisley Ultralux Czela Bellies