Gotta Know Right Now! The Gender Reveal…

2 Chix Oh Boy Tee


A few weeks ago I read an article on about a new test that can reveal the sex of your baby as early as 7 weeks.  The test looks for part of the male sex chromosome in the mother’s blood.  If it’s there, she’s having a boy.  Though this test isn’t widely used and is somewhat controversial, I think it would be very cool to know the sex of my baby at 7 weeks.  It made me think about the BIG gender reveal and what an exciting moment this is for parents.

I’m one of those people that’s not really good at surprises.  I like to know what’s in the package, and if I don’t know, I like to peak. I have to buy my husband’s presents only a day or two before an event  because once I’ve bought it, I must give it to him immediately.  Consequently, both times I’ve been pregnant, I couldn’t wait to know whether I was carrying a boy or a girl.  I counted down the days, hours, minutes to the ultrasound, and like Christmas, it took FOREVER!  I really admire those couples who are able to wait for a gender reveal party, and I admire even more those who are able to save it until the birth.  What anticipation that must be!

For those who can wait a little while, gender reveal parties have really become a huge trend, and I’ve seen so many creative ideas related to them.  From tying a bow around the mother’s belly to color-filled and iced cake balls, it’s a great way to share the surprise.  We want to know what our readers are doing to celebrate the sex of their baby.  Are you having a big party? Are you waiting for D-day? Or, are you sharing the moment with your husband and doctor only?  

Here are a few of my favorite images from gender reveal parties.

In case you can’t wait or you need to determine the sex of your baby (or future baby) right now, Baby Bump has a fun solution.  These hand crafted dolls are made locally and advertise themselves as “the only baby doll anywhere that can make your baby wishes come true.” Check them out!

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