30 weeks- “Babymoon”

By Julie

Last week Robbie and I were in Seacrest, FL on our “babymoon”!  This term is fairly new to me so in case you’ve never heard of it I will give you the definition.  A babymoon according to Wikipedia is “a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby”.

It was a really relaxing trip.  It was just the two of us so we can do as we pleased: sleep in, drink some coffee, ride bikes in the picture perfect movie-set like neighborhoods, chill at the beach, go to the pool, grab some grub (and we have been doing a lot of  that).  But all in all we can’t wait for Jameson to share this experience with us! When we saw a baby at the pool we pictured Jameson kicking and splashing in the water and we were already discussing what items to take to the beach next year when Jameson is with us.

The beach was absolutely gorgeous!  The water was so calm and clear it reminded us of Key West so we went to Target and bought snorkeling gear.  You could see hundreds of bait fish and they loved to suck on Robbie’s toes! And we all know what bait fish attract…..sharks!!!!!!!  It was swimming about 10 yards away from the shoreline and it was about four feet long.  We also saw a baby shark only about a foot and a half, some needle fish, and a sea turtle! My beach book I am still reading is “Confident Baby Care” by Jo Frost aka the Super Nanny.  So far this seems like a great book to help prepare us for baby Jameson’s arrival.

Does anyone have suggestions for must have items to bring to the beach for a 6 month old?  The next time we will be at the beach is for Cinco de Mayo and Jameson will be six months old.  My family has made it a tradition to go to the beach every year for tacos and margaritas for the past five years.  It is really funny because when I tell people that they all ask, “Are you Mexican?” And the answer is no, but it just works out really well to have a set date that way everyone knows not to plan anything.




30 Weeks