Mother Tucker: A Nursing Product You Won’t Curse About

www.nolababybump.comby LEANNE

I was browsing forums at the bump the other day and found so many women inquiring about nursing tanks, and I thought this would really be something great to share with our readers.  Having breastfed both of my children, I feel like I can give you my thoughts just as any experienced friend might do.  Those first few days and weeks following delivery can be very uncomfortable for every mother, but a breastfeeding mother also contends with breast discomfort and fullness, sore nipples, and for some women, very unpleasant clogged or infected milk ducts.  And you wonder why some mothers choose not to do it?!?  Though I have dealt with a few of these, I don’t at all regret my choice to breastfeed, but it would have been nice to have some of this information the first time around. 

I had no idea what to look for when it came to a nursing bra and found many of them to be unsupportive and unflattering.  I also had never heard of a compression garment and didn’t have the slightest idea how to go about purchasing one.  Did anyone else feel this way?

Now I know that whether you breastfeed or not, almost all women crave some tummy support postpartum, and if you are breastfeeding, you also need a lot of support up top!  You definitely don’t want something to tight.  Underwires can be cumbersome until your milk supply steadies a bit, and PLEASE nothing that rubs against your already dry or cracked nipples.  Happily, we’ve found the solution! The Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank really does it all! It has easy nursing access; it’s slimming and it’s supportive.  Though you may pay a little more for this item than you would a regular nursing bra or tank, you’re really getting two postpartum necessities in one garment.  Not to mention, you’re getting the exceptional quality that Belly Bandit products are known for.

I would definitely add the Mother Tucker to my nursing essentials list.  What is on your list?

Mother Tucker Nursing Compression Tank - Made by Belly Bandit

Celebrity Testimonials:

“Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker Compression Tank gave me the support and confidence I needed to get back into my pre-baby clothes.”
Christina Applegate

“Love my new Mother Tucker Nursing Tank! Works great for breastfeeding out on the go and looks super cute on!”
Erin Ziering