Cutting the Price & Keeping Your Style


The slow economy is keeping all of us creative in many ways, and style is no exception.  Whether its pairing older wardrobe items with new ones, sticking to the basics, or shopping frugally, we’re all finding ways to make do.  We want to help!  Take a look at some very affordable items at Baby Bump, ones that can take you through maternity and beyond, and see how you can pair them with non-maternity items already in your closet.

Add Trendy Accessories to Your Basics
Get the Maternal America Denim and 2chix Tees at Baby Bump, and pair them with your favorite accessories.

2Chix Tees (Oh Boy & Knocked Up): $38
Maternal America Denim: $98

Add a Denim Jacket to a Summer Favorite and Wear it through the Fall
Baby Bump has a large selection of dresses in stock and you can pair it with a (non-maternity) denim jacket.

Black & White Floral Dress: $68
Black V-Neck Dress: $78

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