Designer Maternity Denim: Are you getting what you pay for?

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Most of the women I know, including me, would swear that a good pair of jeans is definitely worth what you pay.  Whether it’s the fit, the durability, the style, or simply the desire for a brand name, nothing can compare to that one item in your closet that always makes you look and feel chic.  Spending the extra $$ on this wardrobe necessity isn’t a problem for some women.  I would imagine, however, they would have a problem if what they were paying for wasn’t exactly what they thought.

Yes, we may in some cases purchase a knock-off Louis or a pair of red-soled pumps to pass as Louboutins, but we buy them at a very discounted price from the originals and expect that it’s going to lack some of the qualities of the “real thing.”  But, what if you bought one of these replica items for the price of the original and with the belief that it truly was the designer?  This is exactly what some companies are doing with their designer maternity denim.

Recently, I found out that some companies purchase designer denim and replace the original waistband structure with their own maternity bands.  Now this would be perfectly fine if they advertised it as such and charged a little less because they are not selling the true form of the designer jean.  Instead, they don’t disclose this information and pass them off as manufactured solely by the designer, meaning you pay designer denim prices.  Does anyone else think this is absurd?  I was shocked.  Thankfully, I haven’t purchased any denim from these companies, or I would have immediately made an unhappy call to their customer service department.  I am still perturbed on behalf of the many women who do buy jeans from these places without having this information.

So, if you’re looking for that great pair of jeans to carry you through your pregnancy, please make sure to do your homework.  If the designer doesn’t originally make maternity jeans (check their website), chances are you’re not going to find a pair at the store.  And if you do, ask questions.  Make sure you are really getting what you pay for!

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