26 weeks – Let the Decorating Begin!

By Julie

Baby Jameson is on the move at 26 weeks.  He likes to hang out on my left side and must think my bladder is a footrest! “Does the boy sleep” is what I want to ask my doctor.  You definitely can see my belly move all the time and he kicks all night long.  It’s really an amazing feeling.  My lower back is starting to hurt so every now and then I wear the Maternity Belt made by Mom-EZ.  It really does take off pressure from my lower back and gives me relief.  BTW we sell them at Baby Bump Maternity 🙂 Check them out

Very excited to say Jameson’s room is almost complete…..NOT!  Robbie and Pops (father-in-law) did a great job on the floors.  They came out perfect. Thanks guys! This weekend Robbie and I restored an old piece of furniture.  My inspiration for restoring this piece came from my new addiction pinterest.com.  This website is forever time consuming.  I have developed what Robbie has called in the “P” zone! He will be on the phone and whoever he is talking to they ask how I’m doing and he replies “she’s in the P zone right now” LoL This website is amazing and actually gave me the idea to do a picture board on the furniture piece for Jameson’s room. Picture Board Ideas from Pinterest.com

Next week I will be posting pictures of my First Baby Shower which is tomorrow! It’s all of my family. I can’t wait to see everybody and am very excited.

Take a look at these pics from the last couple of weeks….see y’all next Friday 🙂













Fisher-Price Cradle Swing - My Little Snug-a-Bunny



Me at 26 weeks " Stylin' " 🙂