Listen Up, Baby!


Some research suggests that babies can hear muffled sounds as early as 20 weeks gestation, so what is your baby listening to?  I was doing some reading about playing classical music to promote growth and development.  One of the studies showed a 33-week-old fetus altering his breathing pattern to the beat of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony–WOW!  Though unrelated to pregnancy, I read about another study that found ivy to grow better on a house that played classical music rather than one that played hard rock–another incredible finding.  Whether positive or negative, I’m convinced that babies are affected by what they hear in the womb.

While my babies were baking, I chose to give them a mixture of talking, reading and playing music.  Now, it’s easier than ever to give those growing ears some exercise in the womb.  You can pick some tunes or your favorite audiobook, strap a mini stereo to your belly, and give your baby a musical environment before he’s even born.  The Bellysonic® stereo speaker pouch wraps around your belly and can play anything you choose from your MP3 or portable CD player.  So, listen up, Baby!

Whether or not you believe that music can give your baby a head start in the womb, isn’t it simply amazing to know that they can hear us even before they’re born.  What do you want to share with your baby?


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