How Will You Labor?

Gownies Serra


I remember filling out a lengthy survey in my child preparation class outlining every aspect of my labor and delivery for my doctors and nurses, though I don’t recall a checkbox for “I want to look cute and covered up.”  I would have appreciated this option!

Most women that I know have their own vision of the perfect labor, but achieving it can be challenging.  One tool that can help you eliminate some worry from your labor list is a Gownies Delivery Gown.  With a number of patterns, 3 different sizes, and button back closure,  you can labor in style and not have to worry about exposing your backside to the entire hospital.  It’s also incredibly convenient for nursing with front snap openings at the shoulder.

I’ve posted a few of my favorite Gownies below (can be purchased at Baby Bump Maternity).

You can learn more about labor and delivery at our class, “The Dirty Third” on July 28.

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Gownies Zoe

Gownies Ella