23 Weeks – Cravings, Feelings and Dog Love

By Julie

I’m entering my 23rd week and let me just say this boy is growing! For the last 4 years while working at Baby Bump Maternity I’ve heard how the belly can grow overnight….Hello! It’s really amazing how our body’s are prepared for birthing babies.

Lately, I have had cravings for fresh fruit…My fridge is always stocked with fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and watermelon. I have been craving watermelon so much and I am guessing it’s from this New Orleans heat wave.  I have heard watermelon is not really a fruit you are suppose to eat a lot of during pregnancy. It can cause bloating. I am not sure if this is factual or not? Another craving has been spicy foods! Baby Jameson is going to love spicy foods at this rate. I could put Jalapenos on everything right now. So far no heart burn 🙂

What cravings are you having or did you have during pregnancy?

I love lying down at night it seems to be when Baby Jameson is fully awake and active. We watch my stomach move from left to right and it feels like butterflies. Every now and then Jameson gives me a good old kick in the ribs and it takes my breath away. I wish I could figure out how to keep him off my bladder though. It feels like I am using the restroom every 15 minutes. Joys of pregnancy ❤

Chloe my dog who is mixed with Golden Retriever and Labrador has really been given me extra LOVE. She follows me wherever I go and she is always watching my every move.  I’ve read its common for this breed of dog to be protective during pregnancy. It’s getting a little weird though…I am in the shower I see a shadow appear open the curtain and its Chloe standing there staring and waiting. Maybe a bit “Psycho” LoL …Below is a picture of me and Chloe.

23 weeks

We could use a little help too…We are undecided with what high chair to get for Baby Jameson. I am hoping to get some reader suggestions on high chairs. Thanks y’all and I love hearing from all of you. Less than 20 weeks Baby Jameson will be here 🙂

Shout out to my little Shih Tzu it’s her Birthday

Happy Birthday Ms. Betty 12 years young