My Summer Love & the 1970’s


I’m sitting here in my exceptionally comfy Maternal America shorts and wondering how I could ever wear anything else in this heat.  They are last season’s military style with a very flattering cut, 100% cotton, and best of all, made in the USA! I plan my week’s wardrobe around these shorts.  I’m sure everyone reading has that one item in your wardrobe that you plan to wear at least once a week, especially when you’re pregnant! It wasn’t until just now that I realized what made these shorts so perfect: it’s all about the texture!

My Favorite Shorts - Maternal America Military (2010)

They are woven to allow maximum airflow, but they still create shape.  Can you tell how in love with these shorts I really am?  My obsession is almost that of Julie and her Snoogle Total Body Pillow.  So, as I was mulling my love affair with these shorts, I thought about how sad it must have been for pregnant women in the 70s with all that polyester and synthetic fabric.  Though the colors were fun and the styles were glamorous, how very hot they must have been!  And then another thought, what if we transformed those looks into something much cooler for today? The purpose of this collage was to show you exactly how that has been done. Pregnant or not, please leave a comment & share your summer staples and favorite summer fabrics.  What is your obsession?

Now and Then Collage 1970's

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P.S.  These are maternity shorts, but I am not pregnant.  Sorry, Mom, not another grandbaby yet!