21 weeks – not much sleep…but hello Maternity Pillow!

By Julie

Between waking up every two hours to run to the restroom and tossing side to side I have to say it has been hard to get a good night rest.  I know this is all in preparation for what is to come.  Well this morning I feel very well rested thanks to the purchase I made yesterday.  I bought the Snoogle Total Body Pillow by Leachco (like the one seen in the Back Up Plan with Jennifer Lopez).  Very funny movie I might add…Good rental for this weekend. I have to crack up laughing because after such a good night sleep I feel like J Lo’s character, attached to this pillow like it’s my new BFF! It makes a c-shape from around your neck supports the back and curls in between your legs.  Move over hubby hello Maternity Pillow. LoL!

21 week pictures

I am wearing Japanese Weekend Maternity. I love JW fashion!

They are Made in the USA and their bamboo fabrics are so soft!

You can buy JW at our store Baby Bump Maternity in New Orleans.

Japanese Weekend www.nolababybump.com

Japanese Weekend www.nolababybump.com

Here is a picture from last weekend (Father’s Day) of all the Blueberries we picked at Blue Harvest Farms in Covington, La.