a Few of My Favorite Things :)

By Julie

Today I wanted to share a Few of My Favorite Things that I am using during this pregnancy.  I was going to have the hubby snap a picture of my growing belly but we are running out of time so I promise to post some this weekend while we are at the Fontainebleau State Park.  We rented a cabin on the Lake for father’s day….. I believe it will be super hot but am looking forward to the break 🙂

The BellySonic is pure enjoyment!  Baby Jameson rocks out to whatever I am listen to and from what I hear its good for babies to listen to noises while in the womb. Love it!

Baby Bump MaternityTo go along with the BellySonic another fave well this is because Robbie is the BIGGEST Green Day fan….Rock-A-Bye Baby Music. They have transformed major rock star albums into the perfect lullaby blends. No lyrics just music. U2, Coldplay, Bob Marley, Journey etc…

Baby Bump Maternity

The Sonotrax Pro fetal doppler heartbeat monitor lets me hear Jameson just about every night 🙂 He averages around 164 bpm …It’s so amazing that we can do this now at home. Tip: remember during the early stages of pregnancy stay low on your tummy.

Baby Bump Maternity

Lets not forget about the oil for the belly.  I know they say stretchmarks can be hereditary but i still use my Belli oil EVERY! night.  This oil smells wonderful and feels amazing on the skin. It drys pretty fast and I love the smell of lavender. Really recommend this product!

Baby Bump Maternity