“Mind.Belly.Baby” -An invitation

First, I know everyone loves throwback fashion Wednesday with Leanne but she needed a week off. Due to her sick kids and she is also our web designer 🙂 which actually plays a big part of our Blog today.

When we first opened Baby Bump Maternity we always had big dreams for being involved in the community. Opening and running a small business boutique became the greater challenge and our dream for community went on the back burner, unfortunately.  Four years later and moving our store to New Orleans I am excited to announce today…BBM wants to embrace our community. Our theme is “Mind.Belly.Baby”. We are going to start to have informative evening classes (and one AM yoga class) on different aspects of what to expect pre and post pregnancy.  These classes have a little more Spunk and are not like your average textbook class.  “The Dirty Third” –Wait, the baby comes out where? Yes, you’re having a baby and you’ll definitely be witnessing some things you had never thought possible. “Taste & See”- Eating for two isn’t always about an extra scoop of ice cream. Find the right ways to feed you and your baby during pregnancy. Through tasting and discussion, you’ll discover foods that yield the best results for nutrition and filling your growing belly. These are just a few examples of our classes at BBM.

The instructors we have are Very professional but understand what we at BBM are all about! I really hope to see you at one or all of our classes…I believe this is a good thing for our customers and our community. I only hope to Grow!

I invite you to please check out our Brand new website devoted to “Mind.Belly.Baby”! Read about each exciting class and always check back time to time because we are always adding new classes ….To register please call us 504.304.2737 or email us anytime questions@nolababybump.com


Thank You,