Belting Below the Bump: 20’s Style

1920's Fashion


Put away your cigarette holder and pull out your frivolous hairpiece.  Keep the long-stranded pearls, but toss the short skirt.  This week’s maternity flashback takes us to the 20’s.  The most fashionable pregnant women must have stayed hidden from cameras back then because trying to find a proper maternity photo is near to impossible.  We can, however, take some styling advice from these images and really make them work for us now.  Let’s accessorize 20’s style!

Belting Below the Bump

Give your dress a makeover.  Place your belt around your hips, just below your baby bump, and not only have you found a new look for your dress, but you’ve mimicked a classic 20’s flapper.  Seen below, these women are fun, flirty, and powerfully accessorized.  Belting below the bump can give you that fancy flapper feel.

Women of the 20's

Belted Below the Bump


Accents and Accessories

Hats and pearls were a must-have for the “put-together” 20’s woman.  Accent your outfit with a feathered or beaded hairpiece or a bonnet-rimmed hat like the women below, and you’re sure to be unique.  Finish off the look with a long strand of pearls, or several.


Accessorize 1920's

Necklace Accessories

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