Hollywood Moms at the Oscars

By R.A.

What a show late last night. A very boring Oscars! Anne Hathaway rocked the hosting spotlight while James Franco well was he really there? Seemed to be and looked at times intoxicated.  As for the fashion it really was a step back in time. Celebs dished out vintage wear and wore some glamorous diamonds.

What a great night for Mom-to-Be Natalie Portman. She was so humble with her acceptance speech. My favorite quote was when she thanked the love of her life “My beautiful love, Benjamin, who has now given me my most important role of my life.” I can’t wait to see her beautiful baby.

Natalie Portman and her beautiful baby bump accepted the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Black Swan

Through all the tweets from twitter last night two stood out from designer Rosie Pope. Speaking of Rosie her gorgeous fashion line is hear at Baby Bump! Follow Rosie Pope on twitter @RosiePope

Rosie Pope Tweet: “Penelope Cruz’s figure looked curvaceous and gorgeous one month post the birth of her son.”

Rosie Pope Tweet: “Jen Hudson just reminded me that post baby bod can be even better than prebaby bod….to the gym I go!”


Here are some more Hot Hollywood Mamas who rocked the Oscars in previous years…


Catherine Zeta-Jones entering her ninth month in 2003

Meryl Streep was six months pregnant when she won the Oscar for Sophie’s Choice in 1983

8-month bump, Cate Blanchett decked it out 2008

Best Original Song presenter Vanessa Williams in 2000