Maternity Denim-What’s your style?!

By R.A.


Maternal America Skinny Jean Mid-Rise Band

Maternity Denim is back and more popular than ever. Big name designers are picking up that Maternity Denim is a must have! So many styles are being created – Skinny, Flare, Straight, Leggings, or Jeggings. Maternity Denim is offered with three different types of support – Under the belly, Over the belly, or Mid-rise band.

Bottom line is that it all depends on the person and their comfort! We have a vast collection of Denim at Baby Bump Maternity. We found that it works better to bring in all styles and most designers.  Girls are excited to see all the different varieties. They really enjoy it when they get to try on as many pairs of Denim as possible. 

Designer Denim can be pricey but remember its quality. It last 3x longer than everyday brand Denim of course with the right  “TLC”.  Also, you wouldn’t be the first person to tell us that you still wear Maternity Denim after pregnancy!

Finding Maternity Denim shouldn’t be so stressful. We would love to help you find that perfect fit!

What’s your style?


J Brand Maternity Legging in “Starless” Under Belly

Citizens Kelly Boot Cut Over Belly Band

James Jeans Reboot Exteranl Flare