A 1950’s Sweet Silhouette & Our First Wednesday Giveaway


1950's Maternity Patterns

Remembering maternity fashions from the past can really help us appreciate the choices we have now, but in many cases, our picks are just subtle variations of old styles.  Deep pockets, collars and tented tops shadowed bumps of the 1950’s, but this modest silhouette was also very appealing and still is.

Embracing your baby belly doesn’t always mean sporting the “Knocked Up” fitted Tee from 2chix, though it’s definitely fun to do!  A flowing top to accentuate the sweet baby inside is a beautiful alternative.  Take a look below at some of the Rosie Pope Maternity styles you can find this Spring at Baby Bump Maternity and revisit some 1950’s fashion.

It’s a Wednesday Giveaway! Happy Valentine’s Day!
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Olivia Ivory Top

Olivia Ivory Top - Rosie Pope Maternity

Grace Dress in Ivory

Grace Dress in Ivory - Rosie Pope Maternity